About HCH Supply Co

Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Egypt, HCH Supply Co. is a recognized leader in the oil, gas, and industrial sectors. Although the company had a humble beginning, HCH Supply CO. quickly rose up the ranks by providing strategic and efficient solutions to customers from different industries through a wide range of products, services, equipment and technology. HCH Supply Co. has since grown into one of the topmost suppliers in the Egyptian Oil and Gas industry, with offices in Cairo and a subsidiary location in Port Tawfik (Suez Free Zone). The company experience this rapid growth and market dominance through quality products, exceptional service and by making customer satisfaction a top priority.

HCH took an innovative approach to the energy business in that they treated it like every other business sector; a philosophy that’s since been adopted by most competitors. Instead of solely focusing on the products, HCH Supply Co. equally focuses on the wants and needs of their customers. Focusing on customer requirements, building rapport, and consistently exceeding client expectations has allowed HCH Supply Co. to become one of Egypt’s largest suppliers in Oil and Gas sector.

HCH Supply Co. has a long list of organizational services in addition to products, equipment and technologies, and can assist organizations by providing:

  • Potential and credit-risk analysis
  • Advice on market-entry strategies
  • Tips on financial sources
  • Administrative and advisory services
  • Representation
  • Technical assistance
  • Continued after the sale support

HCH Supply Co. has a staff comprised of the world’s most highly skilled electric, and mechanical engineers and technicians. We employ constant improvement initiatives with our employees and invest heavily in their development to ensure they all have the most up-to-date training, certifications, and requisite skills. This fleet of highly trained staff members acts as suppliers, distributors, and they also handle the after-sales services.

Our Vision

Our vision to continue to stand at the forefront of the Oil and Gas Services Industry as a powerful performer, globally respected, and financially sound organization. HCH Supply Co. wants to grow and continue its ascent above the previous standards set by competitors to provide greater value and long-term benefits to our customers, our shareholders, and our organization. This will be accomplished through strategic progression, continuous innovation, and performance driven solutions.

Our Mission

At HCH Supply Co., we are committed to providing our customers with fast, efficient, and cost effective solutions. We deliver these solutions through a wealth of experience, industry specific expertise, and inventive approaches. We exceed the expectations of our customers and provide them with unrivaled value by going above and beyond the standards of service set by competing organizations. At HCH Supply Co, we are committed to taking innovative approaches to complex problems in order to provide our customers with the best experience possible.