HCH Supply Co. is Egypt’s main distributor of 3M products and services. 3M is a multinational conglomerate corporation that employs over 88,000 workers around the globe and produces more than 55,000 products for varying industries. The company strives for innovation with purpose, and uses the partnership with HCH Supply Co. to revolutionize their products and reach more customers. HCH Supply Co. has partnered with 3M in the following areas:

  • Filtration for Paints and Coatings: Manufacturers of paints and coatings have relied on 3M Purification Inc. (division of 3M) filtration systems for many years. 3M ensures that the filtration applications benefit the product’s quality as well as increase production efficiency. From trade paints to the finest automotive finishes, to the highest quality inks and magnetic coatings, 3M provides the ultimate solution in both product quality and product service.
  • Filtration Solutions for Oils and Gas Processing: Refineries, gas processing plants, and production facilities in the Oil and Gas Industry across the globe require efficient contaminant reduction and excellent equipment protection. Because of this need for efficiency and excellence, many of these organizations have partnered with 3M for their advanced filtration technologies.
  • Filtration Solutions for the Chemical Processing Industry: The Chemical Industry employs a wide variety of processes and procedures to produce an endless array of solid, liquid and gaseous materials. Proper filtration is an absolute necessity to extend the life of equipment used in the chemical manufacturing process and to preserve the integrity of quality inspections. Countless organizations within this industry trust 3M to provide safe and innovate solutions.
  • Clarification Solutions for Pharmaceutical Production: 3M is a reputable leader in advanced depth filter and membrane-based separations for Pharmaceutical production companies. The company offers a large number of products for all stages of pharmaceutical processing (from laboratory work to large manufacturing operations).
  • Clarification Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: At 3M, they are progressing the worldwide biopharmaceutical industry by utilizing strategic customer partnerships to build trust, collaborate on ideas, and create more efficient manufacturing processes.

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